Editor’s Choice: MACRIMA “”Let it Become Christmas in Your Heart”

Editor’s Choice 21 December 2014

With Christmas just a few minutes away, here’s a piece to melt the heart of any listener who isn’t yet “in the mood” for the festive season!

MACRIMA (Maria Träg-Engerer) has created a beautiful, warm and intimate solo which perfectly encapsulates the joys of spending a peaceful break with family and friends. She writes:

Maria comments:

“Since my childhood days the Christmas time has been one of “the most wonderful time of the year” for me. With my piano solo improvisation “Let it become Christmas in your heart” I wanted to capture all my special memories and unforgettable impressions of this cheerful and happy season…

“When you listen to the music with your eyes closed you might smell the scent of christmas biscuits, mulled wine, fir needles and aromatic candles… you could imagine the joy of gathering with all your dear ones …and you can feel a deeply ease of mind… May it be a wonderful Christmas for all of you and enjoy these days the most as you can.”

I would like to echo Maria’s warm wishes to all members of the Piano Cloud community, and to all who follow and enjoy the music of our artists here:

A very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year to you all :-)

TPC – The Joy of Christmas

Christmas time has a rich musical heritage and The Piano Cloud created, yet again, a call out for Christmas themed tunes, or covers of popular carols. The variety across all the tracks is amazing. Some went for traditional carols & solo piano. Others put a Jazz twist on popular Christmas tunes. A few added strings & other instruments to bolster their tracks and maybe add some yuletide instruments like sleigh bells, harps and chimes.

When my family celebrated Christmas (in German tradition) we would open our presents on Christmas Eve and because in Australia, it’s our hottest time of the year, the night time added to the magical feel of the event. Candles, pine flavoured incense in little smoking men figurines, lights on the Christmas tree, presents being unwrapped all added to the wonderful family time. But the thing I most enjoyed about those evenings over my growing years, was Dad always played the same vinyl album. Bing Crosby’s “A Christmas Sing with Bing Around the World”.The beautiful carols from all around the world, sung in their own tongue, but also the honey smooth voice of Bing introducing each country & then finally singing “White Christmas”, was a musical tradition I will never forget.

Here are all the 19 submissions and if you are sick of the same old tired versions of Christmas music you play as your relatives come over to your house, why not put this on repeat and have some of the worlds most talented piano players perform just for you:)