Editor’s Choice: Terry Robinson “Pausing for Breath”

Editor’s Choice 23rd November 2014

Have you had a “bad hair day”? A hectic week? A difficult few months? An “annus horribilis”?

Piano Cloud favourite Terry Robinson aka Purple Rhapsody certainly knows how it feels to go through the mill, and he’s here to help! He explains:

“I had a very small amount of time recently to play the piano… and this came out! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating!”

Pushed to describe the track he is equally succinct:

“That moment when you finally get the chance to pause for breath in the midst of complete chaos.”

And there’s no more to say – simply sit back for a few minutes and enjoy a piano solo which will undoubtedly touch your soul and bring peace and healing….

Throwback Thursday: Patrick Ytting “Voyage Through Shallow Water”

Welcome to the first instalment of the Throwback Thursday series! Each week we will revisit a ‘forgotten’ track, a masterpiece in the book of The Piano Cloud memoirs. I thought it was especially fitting to start this series off with a nomination from our very own creator and editor Andrew Eales. Andrew nominated Patrick Ytting‘s “Voyage Through Shallow Water” which can be listened to below.

As it happens, I was present during this recording at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire, with fellow Piano Clouder Oliver Sadie back in 2011. I remember listening to this recital, and just being struck with awe with Patrick’s charisma, style, and emotion. There were maybe 30 of us in this room, with Patrick taking the centre stage on the Steinway D series concert piano, with microphones positioned over the open strings. This recording reflects the atmosphere felt on that evening, and is easily the best representation of Patrick’s piano mastery from the evening.

“Voyage Through Shallow Water” is a rapid, technical piece, representing the ebb and flow of the water, the small ripples, and the chaotic tendrils and twirls of the undercurrent. The upper voice is majestic and sings so pleasantly over the interactive bass; the most wonderful melody comes in around 1:10 where single notes are highlighted among the chaotic fast-paced theme. Patrick then brings us into a much darker section in which the bass notes of the piano are struck hard to bring a foreboding nature to his tale. Soon enough though, we return to the original relentless theme which nobody other than Patrick could pull off.

Patrick’s effortless emotion, technical ability, and overall piano prowess are what make this piece what it is. What a fantastic piece to have remembered here!

Do you have a track you want remembered? Let us know in a comment below, or at our facebook group!